Requirements and Formats


Initial Documents Required (Customer´s File):

General Import License**
Registration with Tax Authorities**
Consitution of Corporation and Ammendments (if Any) **
Legal Representative´s Power of Attorney **
Legal Representative I.D. **
Legal Representative Registration with Tax Authorities **
RFC (Contibutor Federal Registration) **
Electronic Power of Attorney for Customs Broker
Electronic Seal for VUCEM filing
Norms, Registrations, Permissions, etc.
Outside Photo of fiscal Addressl

** For Vulnerable goods, these documents must be notarized.

Operational Documents:
Letter to Carriers to endorse Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading
Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Letter of Instructions
Certificate of Origin (When Applicable)
Permissions (When Applicable)
Standards (When Applicable)
ATA Carnets (When Applicable)