Customs Brokerage Company

We are a Customs Broker dully registered with the Mexican government, focused to the legal security of our clients, comprehension of their specific needs and flexible enough to adapt our operation to their daily procedures. We work 24/7 since the kind of products we work with demand such operation, so day by day more companies find our daily job works better to their needs finding in us the operator they need aside...

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Direct Global Agencia Aduanal, S.C.
Mexico City International Airport
Oriente 172 No. 321, Col. Moctezuma
2a sección, Mexico D.F. C.P. 15500
Conm. 01 55 5784 4242
Fax: 01 55 2643 0417

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INPC DEC 2015: 118.53200000
REC JAN 2016: 1.13
ECI: 2,087
PVR: 230
Import 2016: 287
2016 Export: 288
Embassies 2016: 282
Rectification 2016: 276
Bulletin Date Theme / Case
P008 26/January/2016 Registration card updated 2010 Guidelines Manual Electronic Notice of Import and Export.
P007 21/January/2016 It reports on the new functionality in the Validator Foreign Trade Operations (VOCE)..
P006 19/January/2016 Refer to the following publication in the Official Gazette is made.


You may consult through our website and online full information on each of the stages of their merchandise.Image 05

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